Get to Know Food Safety & Quality Systems, LLC


Food Safety & Quality Systems, LLC located in Chicago Ridge, IL was founded in 2008 to provide Implementing SQF Systems foodpix1Practitioner Training for food and packaging manufacturing facilities.

When GFSI requirements began in the United States, there was only one training center that was licensed to provide training to the thousands of facilities that received letters from retailers.  A partnership with SQFI was established to meet the immediate needs for training courses.  In that first year Food Safety & Quality Systems, LLC provided training to more than 600 participants representing over 250 companies.  Today we’ve trained nearly 7,000 professionals from the United States, Mexico and Canada.

What began as SQF Practitioner Training courses has since grown into a Company that provides consulting services, GAP assessments, program development and interim management personnel.

The hardest part of implementing SQF is taking that first step.  The rewarding part of helping a facility is when we see the culture change at the senior leadership level and more importantly at the plant employee level.

As we continue to grow, our future holds a fully functional SQF Certified pilot plant at the training facility. Practitioners will receive classroom training, as well as, observing the practical application of the SQF Code requirements. HACCP students will be able to develop and verify process flow charts from an actual line. Internal Audit students will create audit checklists, identify non-conformances and provide corrective actions for the facility.

Food Safety & Quality Systems continues to play an active role within the SQF organization.  Christina Kelley-Astorga is a member of the International Conference Planning Committee and provides support to the SQF Management Team when requested to develop presentations, training materials and other documents related to the SQF Code requirements.

We are proud to continue to represent and support the SQF Institute, the SQF Code and the founding principals of the SQF System.  We are the only licensed training center that focuses solely on the SQF System, offering no other GFSI courses.  We have made this company decision because we feel strongly that there is no better program.  We are passionate about helping facilities achieve their goals of implementing a strong food safety and quality system with the results of those efforts to receive SQF Certification.

Our public and on-site training options are the low cost alternative to providing your employees accredited training courses with proven results. Both partners have extensive work experience in the food industry at various levels of management.