Certified HACCP Training Course Description

The SQF Program emphasizes a HACCP-based approach to developing Food Safety Plans.  In order to accomplish this, a thaccphorough understanding of HACCP is essential for those implementing and auditing an SQF System.  Food Safety & Quality Systems, LLC offers a Basic HACCP Training Course accredited by the International HACCP Alliance.


  • Learning:
    • How to use appropriately qualified people to undertake an analysis of the hazards in a process
    • Identify critical control points (CCP) at each step in the process and applying critical limits to control identified hazards
    • Monitor critical limits to ensure the process stays in control
    • Taking corrective or preventative actions when control is compromised
    • Verifying that the HACCP plan is being applied and working as intended
    • Developing documents and records to demonstrate that the HACCP principles plan is operating effectively



This course is designed for individuals who shall become members of a HACCP team, undertaking the development and maintenance of HACCP programs.  Students should have a general understanding of at least one sector of the food industry from agriculture, manufacturing or warehouse/distribution.



Ability to read, write and speak Basic English and/or Spanish.


Instruction Hours

2 day class (16 hrs total)


Training Methodology

 This course is interactive and hands-on.  It is based on adult learning theory and it includes presentations, demonstrations, activities, exercises, multi-media tools, and a hands-on evaluation. The exercises are customizable to address specific requirements for your organization.

There will be a pre-assessment before the start of training and a post assessment and a student evaluation at the end of training. Food Safety & Quality Systems, LLC will also issue a training engagement report after the completion of training with assessment, evaluation, attendance, and instructor information.



This course will be delivered by a highly skilled, certified trainer with real world experience in development and implementation of Food Safety systems.


Course Outline

 Part 1: Introduction to HACCP

Part 2: Introduction to Prerequisite Programs

Part 3: Introduction to Food Safety Hazards

Part 4: Introduction to the Preliminary Steps & the Seven HACCP Principles



 Fees for the Certified HACCP Training Course are $695.00 per participant.  This includes course materials, workbooks, and Food Safety & Quality Systems, LLC supplemental materials. Successful completion of the course workbooks and exam will qualify each individual as HACCP Certified and listed on the National Registry of the International HACCP Alliance.