An internal audit is an independent examination of the Safe Quality Food system, of a given process, or policy in order to measure effectiveness. It is a documented and systematic tool that offers a facility the ability to check SQF compliance, detect shortcomings, and require corrective and preventative actions. An internal audit and the qualified personnel that conduct such audits serve as a crucial communication tool for management.

Internal audits are vital in helping a facility sustain their food safety systems by ensuring the building and equipment is properly maintained and safe practices are in place and being followed by personnel. The SQF Code requires a facilities’ internal auditing team be formally trained on proper and valid auditing techniques. This one-day course provides your internal auditing team the practical skills necessary to properly develop, implement, and execute an on-site audit program. Training will take a general approach to the topic while discussing SQF and internal company requirements. This course provides the chance to learn internal auditing with other individuals at like skill levels (beginners and intermediates) in a classroom environment. Students leave this course with actual audit experience having participated in 4-6 interactive mock audit scenarios staged by course instructors utilizing actual facility documentation.

Through a combination of classroom presentations and a required on-site internal auditing exercise, this course provides an in-depth understanding of the internal auditing requirements of the SQF Code. This course is recommended to be on-site in order to provide participants with the hands-on experience of conducting an internal audit including facility inspection, personnel practices, and procedure/policy compliance. At the end of the training audit, participants are required to review deficiencies and assign corrective action as necessary.

Successful completion of the course will qualify each participant to receive a certificate of successful completion of an Internal Auditor Training Course that satisfies the SQF Code 2.5.7 requirements.