Initial Implementation GAP Assessment- Level 2 or Level 3

The first thing to consider before developing and documenting an SQF System is to determine the “scope” of the system to be implemented. For Producers this will normally cover “from receipt of raw materials to dispatch of finished product”. This means that the system will cover all those food safety management activities that are under the control of the Producer or Manufacturer.

A GAP Assessment is a review the status of the systems, procedures and protocols that are already in place to determine what needs to be done to fill in the gaps in order to achieve the level of certification required. This assessment is an essential first step to SQF Certification.

The length of time to conduct the GAP assessment is dependent upon several factors: what Level of SQF Certification the facility is required to achieve, how large is the operation, how many employees does the facility have, and how complete are the existing programs, SOP’s, HACCP plans, etc.  Generally it takes 1 ½ – 2 days to complete a Level 2 Assessment or 2 ½-3 days to complete a Level 3 Assessment. Please contact us for more information and pricing at


Level 2 Certified Facility Transitioning to Level 3 GAP Assessment

 For Level 2 certified facilities interested in pursuing Level 3 certification. This will be a 1-½ day assessment of the Level 3 requirements only. Please contact us for more information and pricing at